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Dum differtur, vita transcurrit. Omnia, [...] aliena sunt, tempus tantum nostrum est.
L.A. Seneca, Epistulae morales ad Lucilium I,3


Welcome! Things have changed: I now work as a philosophical coach, and I have created an online presence for that at eudaimonia-coaching.de and philosophie-downloads.de. Please visit these pages to find out more! The material here will remain in place, so if you'd like to browse some older stuff, see below.

    Visit my new page at Eudaimonia Coaching!
    Or have a look at Philosophie-Downloads.de!

Much of my time is devoted to philosophy, literature and music. Some earlier texts from my university time are around on this website (have a look at the Papers section and my Online Journal).

Please contact me via eudaimonia-coaching.de or on my Facebook page.